Remembrance Day highway action

Remembrance Day kept Highway Patrol officers busy dealing with accidents and erratic drivers.
Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky, commander of the Revelstoke detachment, issued this list of incidents RCMP officers dealt with on Wednesday, November 11:
0700 hrs — Motor Vehicle Incident at Wooden Head Loop – minimal damage;
0800 hrs — MVI of commercial transport truck losing control on highway near the avalanche gates west of Revelstoke. The gates were heavily damaged and debris from the truck damaged other vehicles on the road. Diesel fuel was spilled as a result;
0919 hrs — Report of a BMW hitting wall in the Roger’s Pass and losing tire;
1752 hrs — Report of erratic driver operating small pick up truck towing a trailer and the trailer had no lights functioning;
2117 hrs — Reports of an erratic driver. The complainant stated that a semi truck with unknown licence plates was tailgating, passing on double solids, and had not stopped at the brake check. The suspect vehicle was on Highway #1 heading West.