Keep your eye on local shop window paintings and displays and pick the ones you like best

Everyone knows that the shopping experience is always enhanced by creative, fun and even splendid window displays in local stores.So it’s no surprise that a group of local shop owners calling themselves the Revelstoke Retail Leaders is taking the window-display bull by the horns and begun promoting a window-decoration contest.
“Revelstoke is a place where people gather to share memories, where the entire community comes together to live, work and play,” local marketer Maggie Spizzirri said in a statement. “The goal of the contest is to bring and promote holiday cheer throughout our community and bring our retailers together. By putting on this window decoration contest, our streets will be lined with inviting decor, helping to generate not only an uplifted holiday spirit (throw away those bah-humbug hats) but also increased shopping and dining experiences to locals and visitors alike.”
The decoration contest will begin with Moonlight Madness, which takes place on Friday, November 27, and it will end after the Santa Claus Parade on December 5. The winners will be announced at the Santa Parade.
There will be two categories:

  1. Window Display Contest; and
  2. Window Painting Contest.

First-, second- and third-place voting will be done by Mayor Mark McKee, Randy Driediger and Meghan Tabor. There will also be a People’s Choice for each category as well. Voters will be able to vote online for their favourite display and painted window and will be entered to win one of many gift certificates provided by the participating retailers.
Online voting opens November 27 at
The Revelstoke Retail Leaders are a group of retailers who’ve taken to putting on events for the town. These events are things like sidewalk sales, Moonlight Madness events, jointly staying open late one day a week and this window-decoration contest. Their goal is to show unity and to get people excited about shopping in town.