RSS to try a new approach to parent-teacher conferences

Revelstoke Secondary School is trying something different this year when it comes to parent-teacher conferences. Instead of waiting until after the first report card in November, teachers have decided to meet with parents at the interim period of the first semester on October 15 at 7 pm.
“It allows teachers and parents to identify strengths and concerns early enough in the term to positively affect the first report,” Vice-Principal Andy Pfeiffer said in a statement released on Monday, October 5. “We feel that this will allow students to achieve better in their courses as they end and their parents will know what can be improved before the first term ends.”
In order to facilitate this new approach, RSS students will be dismissed from classes at 1:10 pm on October 15. Parent-teacher conferences will run from 7 pm until 8:30 pm that evening.
“We are willing to try new ideas if we believe that it will lead to better achievement for our students,” said Principal Greg Kenyon.
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