In Video: The SD 19 Board of Trustees meeting of Oct. 28, 2015

By David F. Rooney
School trustees approved the school district’s 2015/2016 District Achievement Plan, which sets out the school system’s overall  goals at all grade levels in its four schools.
This annual exercise sets out objectives such as increased reading achievement at the three elementary schools and increasing the number of students graduating from RSS.
Trustees also learned that the numbers are in on school and class sizes. Begbie View Elementary has 249 students, Arrow Heights Elementary has 134 students and Columbia Park Elementary has 191. Revelstoke Secondary, meanwhile, has 348 students. That brings to 922 the number of students in our doc al system. That does not include 16 international students studying at RSS this year. Please click here to access the agenda package donating that report.
Trustees also briefly discussed the disposition of the district’s three surplus school properties — Big Eddy, Mountain View and Mount Begbie. The district is going to ask City Council to rezone the old MVE property in hope that will help “enhance development potential.” The old Big Eddy property remains problematic because until it is unlikely to be sold until that neighbourhood’s water issues are sorted out. Mount Begbie, meanwhile, is being used by a number of non-profit groups, including the Army Cadets, but the district is beginning to look at its redevelopment options. This report is also part of the agenda package, as is the new list of SD 19 committees, their board representatives and meeting dates, including the brand-new Communications Committee.
Please click here to access the complete agenda, including all relevant reports, for the trustees’ October 28 meeting in PDF format and/or activate the YouTube player below to watch their meeting in its entirety: