In Video: Council hearing public submissions regarding the proposed highway mall

By David F. Rooney
I normally like posting City Council videos within a couple of days of their meetings and I thought that would also be the case with The Current’s video recordings of the Tuesday, September 28, public hearing about the proposed highway mall. Unfortunately, that plan was derailed when my laptop committed suicide.
Brehan Punt at came highly recommended so I brought the machine to him and he not only resurrected it but improved its performance. He has my gratitude, and you, dear reader, have my apology for the delay in posting the video.
As that public hearing, which was attended by at least 45 people (a record attendance, I’m sure), ran for just about two hours exactly, I decided to break it into three parts. The video is otherwise completely unedited or abridged.
If you’d like to know who said what about the project, please activate the YouTube players below to start watching the hearing: