A new low in political dirty tricks

By David F. Rooney
I took a drive around town this morning and, except for a few, virtually all of the Green Party’s lawn signs appear to have been scooped by political boneheads.
I took that drive after this appeared in my e-mail inbox this morning and exposed  a new low in political skullduggery. Certainly I have never seen anything on this scale in any of the three provinces I have lived and worked in. Heck. I have never seen it done anywhere:
apparently someone has taken down every single Green sign in Revelstoke except the two large ones. We have some signs at Kaitlin Murphy’s 918 3rd Street West.
My life-long conservative dad taught me as a child that in a democracy if you do not defend a person’s right to speak, especially those you do not agree with, then you may no longer live in a democracy. So I personally, and the Bill Green 2015 team are asking the people of Revelstoke to rise to the occasion and drop by and pick up a lawn sign from Kaitlin and put a sign up on their lawn for democracy.
Andy Shadrack
Retired Regional District Director and
former President of the Association Kootenay Boundary Local Governments
PS: If there is a radio station in Revelstoke I would love to talk to them for five minutes: 250-354-2948