BC Timber Sales plans an Oct. 7 Open House about Mount Macpherson

If you’re wondering what’s happening behind the scenes with regard to potential logging at Mount Macpherson you’ll be pleased to know that BC Timber Sales has BCTS has scheduled an open house on Wednesday October 7 from 12 pm to 8 pm at the Community Centre to present their final 2016 harvest plans for the area.
This event is, ironically enough, scheduled to be held in the Mount Macpherson Room. BCTS has held a number of meetings with stakeholder groups like the Cycling Association and the Nordic Club, which both had concerns about the logging plan.
In a statement released by City Hall on Friday, September 18, Mayor Mark McKee said he is pleased that BCTS is responding to local anxiety over the logging plan
“The City is pleased that the Province recognizes how important the public consultation process is and that recreational values are respected and the primary users are involved in the planning process,” he said.
Both groups have invested time, money and physical effort in creating and maintaining a network of trails along the forested slopes of the mountain. Those efforts are paying off as more locals and visitors regard it as a potential tourism destination.
BCTS says that, as a result of its talks with user groups, it has made significant revisions to its logging plans.
The City looks forward to reviewing the revised BCTS plans and working with all stakeholders, including industrial users and recreation users in the area, the statement said.