Reader says a new access road could kill two birds with one stone

A local reader has a suggestion for developing a new access road into the city.
A local reader has a suggestion for developing a new access road into the city via the proposed highway development along the Trans-Canada Highway. Illustration courtesy of Tony Morabito

Here is what I think should happen with this proposed development on the highway:

  1. Negotiate exchange of land with developer ( orange for green on map ) for a new access into Revelstoke via overpass to be built now or in future.
  2. Utilize current service road past Subway and extend to woodenhead park looping around to old Big Bend highway past sani-station back up to 23 north intersection.
  3. Allow a right hand turn off of the Columbia Bridge into Revy either at the A&W or the present location.
  4. Close the present  access to Columbia Park and get rid of traffic light and congestion.
  5. Allow a right hand turn unto the TCH Westbound from the present location from Columbia Park.
  6. Re-Activate old original service road from East that ran behind old Esso station and use it to allow Columbia Park traffic to access HWY 23 north near Frontier to turn East unto TCH or come into downtown Revy.
  7. Would likely have to build a retaining wall along grave yard cutslope to achieve this.
  8.  A design might even result in freeing up some land for more business developmet at site of  TCH closure and Mutas road junction, which City could sell to help pay for changes.

Short of going back to the original 1962 design and constructing an overpass on TCH complete with on /off ramp interchange I believe this would be the best solution at the present time to mitigate Safety by relieving congestion at the present TCH intersection while addressing the needs of the businesses along the various frontage roads and we would still have the underpass for additional access into downtown which Logging trucks wouldn’t have to use, again addressing safety by eliminating the log impact hazard.
Tony Morabito
Revelstoke, BC