Constituent hopes for vibrant election campaign debates

Dear Editor:
I is my hope that all candidates in the federal election on October 19th to be our Member of Parliament will step up to the plate and attend all the debates proposed for eight communities in this riding, including Revelstoke.
Wayne Stetski has challenged the other candidates to debate and answer questions from the constituents.  In the lead up to the last federal election in 2011, David Wilks, Conservative candidate and the now incumbent MP for our riding of Kootenay  Columbia did not show up for 4 of 7 debates, Revelstoke being one of the no shows.
In my view, Mr. Wilks has a duty to attend these meetings/debates as they are an integral part of a healthy democratic process. Constituents should be able to question the person who has been our representative for the last almost four years. And ask about policy and their concerns.
Participation is also a sign of respect, or the lack of same, for our community.
Virginia Thompson,