Speeding biker causes an accident injuring two while evading highway police

A motorcyclist was seriously injured Sunday, June 21, when he and a group of other bikers were cut off by another motorcyclist who was attempted to evade a police car.
“At approximately 1:20 pm… on the Trans-Canada Highway 18 km east of Revelstoke, a motorcycle was observed by police travelling at an excessive rate of speed,” Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said in a statement issued on Monday.
“When the speeding motorcyclist saw the police vehicle, the motorcyclist cut off a separate group of motorcycle riders, causing the two lead bikes to fall at highway speeds. The speeding biker departed the area without stopping and has not yet been located.”
Grabinsky said the RCMP are seeking a sport bike operated b a rider wearing a jacket with white sleeves, dark full-faced helmet and a black backpack. The bike was heading Westbound and was possibly last seen in the community of Revelstoke.
The highway was closed for 30 minutes as a BC Ambulance helicopter evacuated the seriously injured rider.
Police are asking for help from members of the public who may have observed this motorcycle and rider in the area and can provide a licence plate or identify the rider.
If you have information about this incident please call the RCMP detachment’s Trans-Canada East Traffic Services at 250-837-5255.