Revelstoke Adventure Park proposal continues apace

By David F. Rooney
The proposed Revelstoke Adventure Park, which proponent Jason Roe believes could bring as many as 100,000 new visitors to our community and the surrounding area, is set to take another step closer to fruition.
Roe told City Council last week that the Illecillewaet Development Limited Partnership (IDLP) is ready to apply to the Ministry of Forestry Lands and Natural Resources for an Adventure Tourism License of Occupation.
The project envisions a 257.4-hectare development at Greeley offering “the longest zip lines in North America,” mountain biking, tree-top activities, a driving range, hiking and mountain bike trails, an artificial lake with waves and beaches, horseback riding, chairlifts and bungee jumping.
“Beyond increased tourism revenue, the park itself will directly create more than 200 jobs in Revelstoke,” Roe said.
IDLP already has permits for non-farm use of the land, a private rail crossing, sand and gravel extraction. A 2012 archeological study of the proposed area of use was conducted by the Splatsin First nation and found it had “low archaeological potential.” A 2015 study found that the proposed activities would have no impact on the Greeley watershed, from which comes Revelstoke’s potable water. A wildfire study was prepared this year and a traffic study is now in progress, Roe said.
You can watch Jason Roe’s presentation by activating the YouTube player below. His presentation begins at the 15:32 minute mark.