Ooo la, la — an outdoor fashion show on Friday!

By David F. Rooney
Here’s something a little different: an outdoor Fashion Show at Style Trend Clothiers at 204 First Street West this Friday, June 19, starting at 7 pm.
“This is just a fashion show, we wanted to do something fun for our customers, bring something to town that people would find in some of the larger cities, while still making it work for our local customers and their tastes,” Style Trend’s Diane Bull told The Current. “We have rented a large tent from Revy Tent Rentals to be sure there are no weather woes and we have singer Jodi Pederson, and her band, coming in to provide us with some live music for the event.”
Seating is limited to people are encouraged to get their tickets at the shop as soon as they can.
“We will have seating for everybody as well as some snacks,” she said. “The brands we carry have been great, and we have a ton of door prizes that have been donated so far, reaching up to around the $3,000 mark. We will have some happy guests going home with some great prizes!”
There have occasionally been fashion shows in Revelstoke and the last one we attended up at RMR was pretty chic. Given Diane’s taste this one should be, too.
“Also – we will be opening up the store after the show to our ticket holders only, and they will be able to take 20% off their entire purchase,” she said. “That’s a really great sale considering our stock is still months away from seasonal markdowns.”
The entire show will take about 45 minutes and Style Trend has lined up a lot of support from in-and-out-of-town professionals.
“We will have all hair done by Laura Bennets, Kim Arthurs, and their staff at 1st Impressions Hair Salon, and the make-up for the day will be done by Kim Remez from Pharmasave,” Diane said. “We will have Josiah Olson from New Horizon Productions (based out of Kelowna, but Josiah will be working on developing the Revelstoke arm of the company) working on our audio and lighting. Sarah from Sarah Mickel Photography has been helping us organize the event and she will be on site for the evening to take photos as well. We may have a few more people jumping on board, but I don’t want to say that quite yet in case it doesn’t work out.”
This sounds like quite an event. Good luck with it Diane!
For more information please visit Style Trend’s Summer Fashion Show Facebook page.