An open letter to the people of Revelstoke

To the good folks of Revelstoke,
It has been brought to my attention that the people of Revelstoke are pleased with the Mayor’s Report that Mayor Mark McKee and I do on Fridays at 8:40 am. I have had numerous people say that they enjoy it and that it keeps our community informed. Of course, one of the reasons for that is Dave Rooney’s willingness to post it on his Revelstoke Current website for those who miss it live on CKCR.
As the listenership of the Mayor’s Report is growing, it is important that each report be relevant. In order to remain relevant I need good questions to challenge our Mayor or City staff and keep them accountable and willing to explain, justify or inform us on what is happening in our city.
Some of the still-relevant issues that crop up from time to time have their roots in the past — years before I moved here, so please bear in mind the fact that IÅ may not necessarily be aware of all issues that you, the members of the Revelstoke public, are keenly interested in. If one person has a question, there is a good chance that 100 others do as well.
Whether the question is a challenging one, controversial or just a matter of clarity on a certain subject or issue, the questions I get from you do matter and do make a difference. It helps the Mayor’s Report remain a relevant staple keeps us informed as to what is happening to this great community of ours.
Any questions, big or small, matter. You can ask them directly on The Revelstoke Current by posting them under the Mayor’s Report page, you can email me at, call me directly at 250-814-7458 or if you are in Alpine Plaza you can slide an anonymous note under the door to our second-floor studio. EZ Rock is located upstairs near the transportation department.
You keep thinking them, I will keep asking them and we can all do our part to keep our entire community informed, connected and accountable.
Help Shaun and Milo help you keep Revelstoke in the air!
Shaun & Milo the Community Dog
Revelstoke, BC