A Bunch of Little Plays sounds like a variety show

By David F. Rooney
If you miss the golden years of television when variety shows ruled the air waves you’ll have a chance to relive that magic by catching A Bunch of Little Plays at the Performing Arts Centre next week.
This project by Flying Arrow Productions’ seniors theatre group consists of comedic songs, skits and short plays starring local residents of *Ahem!* a certain age. Here’s the lineup for the shows being performed June 18-20:
A Bunch of Little Plays

  1. Glacier Bay by Frederick Stroppel performed by Ken Jones, Carolyn Johnston, Tina Whitman
    2. Jogging Along #1 by Dory Kaiser performed by  Joyce MacLean, Gill Hewitt
    3. Secrets in the Clouds  by Judith Allen performed by Gill Maclachlan, Donna Macleod
    4. Just Another Woman in Love – a song performed by Joyce MacLean


  1. Jogging Along #2  by Dory Kaiser performed by Joyce MacLean, Donna MacLeod
    6. All I Want is the Recipe by Georgia Tuxbury performed by Tina Whitman, Gill Maclachlan
    7. Improv by Arthur S. Keyser performed by John Teed, Carolyn Johnston, Joyce MacLean
    8. Sneeze by Frederick Stroppel performed by Toni Johnston, Donna MacLeod
    9. Jogging Along #4 by Dory Kaiser performed by Ken Jones, John Teed

Just contemplating this brings back evenings spent watching Ed Sullivan, The Jackie Gleason Show and (my all-time favourite) The Carol Burnett Show.
I haven’t yet see these people perform but will be attending their June 15 dress rehearsal so I’ll keep you in the loop
A Bunch of Little Plays is being performed June 18-20 at the Performing Arts Centre. The doors open at 7 pm and the curtain rises at 7:30.
Tickets are $5 for seniors and children and $10 for adults.
Please click here to visit Flying Arrow’s website.