What do our Mounties do all day? Oh, let us count their deeds… Part 1

Do you ever think about what our local police actually do? No — seriously. What kind of calls do they receive? How do they respond to them?
This is Police Week and each day this week RCMP Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky will be issuing a list of “the work and investigations that the police in Revelstoke are doing.”
Here is a list of the Mounties newly opened files from May 9 to May 11:
2015-1321 – Intoxicated Person
At 5 am on Saturday May 9 the RCMP were called to Moberly Manor for an intoxicated male that was sleeping in the entrance of the building.
2015-1322 – Bear Call
In the morning of Saturday May 9 the RCMP were dispatched to a call of a bear near a residence in Columbia Park. Patrols for the bear were negative and residences were advised to contact police if observed again.
2015-1323- Suspicious Activity
Mid-day on May 9 the RCMP received a complaint of suspicious activity at the flats near the Airport. The investigation did not locate any illegal activity occurring in the area.
2015-1324 – Theft
On May 9 police were dispatched to a complaint of theft.
2015-1325 – Impaired Driver
On May 9 police were advised of a possible impaired driver near the Revelstoke Dam. The vehicle was located and found to have a sober driver.
2015-1326 – Speeding on TCH
In the evening of May 9 a complaint was received of two motorcycles heading east bound on the Trans-Canada Highway at high rates of speed. The vehicles were located in Revelstoke and both drivers were issued violation tickets for their driving and other Motor Vehicle Act infractions.
2015-1327 – Unlicensed vehicles
In evening of May 9 the Revelstoke RCMP were advised of ATVs being operated in the parking lots of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Several youth were located operating an ATV on the public roadways. They were also not wearing helmets.
2015-1328 – Driving While Prohibited
In early morning of Sunday May 10 the Revelstoke RCMP were called to assist the CP Police with arresting a subject. The male was charged with Driving While Prohibited, Obstruction of a Police Officer and Breach of Probation. The male subject was held until court in Revelstoke on Wednesday.
2015-1329 – Civil Matter
In the morning of Sunday May 10 the Revelstoke RCMP were requested to assist solving a civil matter over the separation of belongings.
2015-1330 – False 911 call
In the afternoon of Sunday May 10 the RCMP attended to a 911 call which was confirmed false as the result of a pocket dial from a cell phone.
2015-1331 – Civil Matter
Early in the evening of Sunday May 10 the RCMP were called to mediate a civil matter.
2015-1332 – Possession of Stolen Property
Early in the morning of Monday May 11 the Revelstoke RCMP were advised of a suspicious person and vehicle. The vehicle was located on 7th Street and the lone male occupant was arrested. Charges of Possession of Stolen Property are proposed. The truck, a late 1990s Dodge was stolen from Olds, Alberta. The male subject was found to be under conditions and is being held for court in Revelstoke on Wednesday.
2015-1333 – Break and Enter
In the morning of Monday May 11, the RCMP received a call of a Break and Enter at a residence on Victoria Road. Unknown subjects entered the residence and departed with personal belongings. The public is reminded to lock doors and report suspicious people and occurrences to police when observed.
2015-1333 – Well Being Check
Call received where complainant was concerned for the well-being of a person. The person was located with no issues.
That list is a pretty bare-bones description of what likely turned out to be a hefty amount of effort and paperwork on the part of the officers involved.
“Each file is different,” Grabinsky told The Current. “Such as the case today of the recovered stolen vehicle. We just completed the bail hearings, discussions with Crown counsel and defence counsel. The arresting officer still needs to complete the Report to Crown Counsel prior to (the accused’s) first appearance.”
That translates into “three hours of paper work and five hours of other prep in this situation,” he said.
Then there are additional support staff hours accumulated from transcribing statements, liaising with Crown counsel and then fielding calls from various agencies that keep the detachment’s entire admin staff busy as well.
“This is, of course in addition to the other calls coming in, requests for Police Information Checks (old Criminal Record Checks) and other requests for information,” Grabinsky said.
In a ten-hour shift there is little downtime for police officers.
“When they are not on the road on patrol, they are in the office following up on investigations, calling complainants, attempting to get statements and processing files for court,” he said. “Yes, they do go for meals but often that is disrupted by calls of accidents on the highway or a supervisor sending them to a school zone, complaint or other assistance area.”
In Revelstoke, each officer investigates approximately 375 files each per year. “Again, each file is different,” Grabinsky said. “A call for a bear might take an hour to attend to the location and attempt to locate the bear, then speak with the complainant and neighbours about safety concerns, and then write up the file. Then they have to advise the RAPP line so that the Conservation Officers are made aware of the incident.
“As for a false 911 call, that can be cleared up in 20 minutes if there are no issues.”
The Force would like to remind the community that all members of the public are invited to the Police Week Community BBQ at the RCMP Detachment back parking lot at 404 Campbell Avenue from 11 am to 1 pm on Thursday, May 14. All profits go to the Revelstoke Women’s Shelter. Police vehicles will be on display.