What do our Mounties do all day? Oh, let us count their deeds… Part 2

As Police Week unfolds, RCMP Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky is continuing to provide the community with a run down of the daily events Revelstoke’s officers deal with.
“Revelstoke is a great place to live, but there are always incidents that happen in a community, many that most people are unaware of,” he said. “Although Revelstoke is a very safe community, it is important to protect oneself and property by locking doors, using motion sensors and alarms, and driving defensively.”
Here is a list of the Mounties’ newly opened files from Monday, May 11 to mid-day on Tuesday, May 12:
2015-1336 – Found Bike
At approximately 3:30 pm on Monday May 11 the Revelstoke RCMP were requested to pick up a bike which was left at a local hotel. A male left the bike there and has not returned to retrieve it. It is entered as found property and will be held for 90 days and then either returned to the finder or provided to the City of Revelstoke for auction.
Two speeding tickets were issued on the Trans-Canada Highway by Revelstoke General Duty police officers, where one vehicle was observed at 129 kmph and another at 118 kmph both in 100 kmph zones. Both drivers received $138 tickets.
2015-1337 – Traffic Complaint
At 9 pm on Monday May 11 the Revelstoke RCMP were advised of a possible insecure load on a trailer heading eastbound on the Trans-Canada Highway. Police located the vehicle and ensured the load was secure.
2015-1338 – Suspicious Activity
In the early morning of Tuesday May 12 the Revelstoke RCMP received a call from a local business regarding a suspicious occurrence in their parking lot. It appeared that people in the lot were trying to bypass an immobilization unit in a vehicle parked there. The investigation determined that the registered owner’s vehicle has a GPS-enabled-ignition-interruption system that would not allow the vehicle to start. The owners spent the night in Revelstoke until they were able to arrange to reset the system.
2015-1339 – False alarm at a local hotel
Police attended and assessed the entire property. All buildings were checked. Nothing suspicious noted. The alarm was deemed false.
2015-1340 – Fraudulent use of credit cards
Officers received a report of a card lock card being stolen and used to purchase a large amount of fuel.
2015-1341 – Trespass Act
Officers received a report of persons trespassing on a property. Complainant has put up signs and is seeking solutions to stop persons from accessing their property.
2015-1343 – Erratic Driver
A driver was reported speeding through School Zone on Nichol Road at 65 kmph.
2015-1344 – Erratic Driver
A complaint was received from a driver on the Trans-Canada Highway about a vehicle passing at an excessive rate of speed and passing when unsafe near Three Valley Gap.
2015- 1345 – Check Well-being
A call was received expressing concern for the well-being of a person. Police attended to confirm that person’s situation.
The Force would like to remind the community that all members of the public are invited to the Police Week Community BBQ at the RCMP Detachment back parking lot at 404 Campbell Avenue from 11 am to 1 pm on Thursday, May 14. All profits go to the Revelstoke Women’s Shelter. Police vehicles will be on display.
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