Smell that?

The City is apologizing for the strong odours wafting across Southside from the sewage treatment plant.
“We realize that the situation is very unpleasant and is impacting a large number of residents,” says a statement issued by City Hall on Thursday, May 21. “We want to assure everyone that City operations staff consider this situation the Number One priority and continue to work with engineering professionals to determine a solution that will help restore the health of the lagoons, and reduce the odour levels as quickly as possible.”
The statement said there are two separate odour issues:

  1. The recent odours experienced in the Southside area are emanating from the sewage lagoon ponds. The unusual warmer temperatures have resulted in the lagoons producing a strong sewer odour that is usually dissipated before it reaches residential areas. The odour comes from anaerobic digestion of the sewage forming hydrogen sulphide, which has a distinctive rotten egg smell. There are no known health issues arising from the current concentration of odours.
  2. The City of Revelstoke is currently installing odour-reducing equipment at the treatment plant on Powerhouse Road. This equipment will help minimize the odours being released from the headworks building. The project is scheduled to be completed in the middle of June and Southside residents should notice a significant reduction in the odours coming from the buildings.

“The residents of Revelstoke can help out the situation by not disposing of fats, oil, grease or chemicals into the city system,” the statement said.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Engineering and Development Services Department at 250‐837‐3637 or or drop by City Hall via the Second Street entrance.