Caribou Rearing in the Wild Program picks up a cool $207,600 from the CBT

Thirty-nine projects — including two here in Revelstoke — have recently been granted a combined total of over $1.3 million from Columbia Basin Trust’s Environment Grants Program.
A statement from the CBT said the Caribou Rearing in the Wild Program was awarded a whopping $207,600 for its ongoing and innovative program to help caribou cows give birth to their calves in a safe and predator-free environment during their crucial first months of life. The other local grant went to the City of Revelstoke. It was awarded $14,880 to develop a storm water management plan to help it adapt to projected climate impacts and create resilience.
Successful projects from the last intake include ones that strengthen ecosystems, help communities mitigate and adapt to climate change, and support environmental education—all of which address goals in the Trust’s Environment Strategic Plan.
“We appreciate all the work people throughout the Basin are doing to help preserve the natural assets of our region and address pressing environmental issues,” Tim Hicks, the CBT’s manager for water and environment, said in the statement. “Projects of all sizes can yield significant benefits, and we encourage groups with requests of up to $10,000 to come forward as soon as possible with their project ideas.”
Funds are also currently available for groups seeking grants of up to $10,000 for their environmental projects. Groups are encouraged to apply as soon as possible at As funding is limited, applications will be considered as they arrive. Projects needing more than $10,000 can apply for funding in the fall.
You can see the complete list of projects approved for funding at
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