Stella-Jones modifies its road deactivation plans

Stella-Jones, acting on comments made by members of the public who attended a September 24 open house, has modified its plans to deactivate a number of roads in the forests around Revelstoke.
“As a result of the feedback received, and in consultation with user groups and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), Stella-Jones has modified the deactivation plans and is working with the MFLNRO to ensure that some of these roads become Forest Service Roads (FSR), so that they can continue to provide access to many of the recreation areas around Revelstoke,” Pat McMechan said in a statement released on Tuesday, April 21.
Here is a list of the modifications to the deactivation plans:

  • Sledhalla (formerly Frisby) will remain an FSR.
  • Begbie Falls will remain an FSR.
  • Boulder will become an FSR to provide access to the existing mountain biking and snowmobiling trail network.
  • Begbie south (200m past the Begbie climbing area parking lot) will remain a Stella-Jones liability.  Stella-Jones has agreed to not deactivate the road immediately off the highway – which would have effectively eliminated access.  Instead Stella-Jones will maintain this section of road so that the RCA can access areas to further develop their trail network.
  • McCrae will become an FSR to within 1.8 km of the existing Mount McCrae trail head.  The MFLNRO has plans to establish a parking area for the trail in this location and reroute the beginning portion of the trail from this new trail head.
  • Crawford will become an FSR to just beyond the Wallis Creek culvert.  Beyond this point the road will be deactivated, however, ATV / bike access will still be possible to the Sproat Lookout trails but it will require an additional 6.5 km of travel on deactivated logging roads.

A map of these changes is available for public viewing at the MFLNRO office in the Big Eddy.