Hydro offers instant rebates

BC Hydro is offering instant rebates on select ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs and lighting fixtures that will help people save money in the long run.
Until the end of April, instant rebates are available to customers for in-store purchases at more than 300 participating retailers across the province, the utility said in a statement released on Monday, April 20.
Participating retailers include Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Hardware, London Drugs, Lowe’s, Rona, Home Depot and Walmart.
Customers can save up to $4 on select ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs and up to $10 on ENERGY STAR® lighting fixtures like ceiling mounts, chandeliers and security lamps. Customers can also save $3 on select lighting control systems, including dimmers, motion sensors and timers.
These lighting products can help reduce electricity costs. An ENERGY STAR® LED bulb uses at least 75 per cent less energy than incandescent lighting and can last up to 25 years. ENERGY STAR® lighting fixtures use approximately 75 per cent less energy and can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.
Residential lighting can account for up to 19 per cent of your average household electricity use, depending on whether your home is electrically heated.
For more information on products with instant rebates, visit powersmart.ca.