An apology to Gilles Valade

The Revelstoke Current wishes to correct a caption attached to a photograph published on March 15 that appeared to suggest that Gilles Valade, executive director of the Avalanche Canada, was uncertain if the extreme weather that affected Canada this winter was an indication of climate change.
The original caption said:
“Gilles Valade, executive director of the Canadian Avalanche Centre, ponders his answer to a question posed to by Chris Walker: Is extreme weather like that which has affected BC this winter an indication of climate change. Valade said there is no scientific evidence of that — at least not yet. Fortunately, though, this has been a nearly fatality-free winter in the mountains.”
Here is the actual exchange between Chris Walker, host of CBC Radio’s Daybreak program, and Valade:
Chris Walker: “We were talking with the Revelstoke Mountain Resort about climate change and how that’s affecting the ski season here and on the coast. How is that, so far as we know, affecting avalanches?”
Gilles Valade: “Well, it’s pretty hard to tell. I don’t know if we have any information or science on that. You know… avalanche hazard and avalanche season is new every… from year to year and, you know, it depends on how much snow, when it falls, etc. So I’m assuming at some point climate change might have an impact, but I couldn’t tell really.”
I apologize to Mr. Valade for the error and for any embarrassment the original caption may have caused him.
David F. Rooney