We might not be quite ready for a big box store but we are on Canadian Tire's radar

By David F. Rooney
Released from its promise to Canadian Tire to keep their discussion confidential, Mayor Mark McKee and Council said Friday, February 27, that it encouraged the retail giant to actually apply a development permit here.
“Council is committed to increasing economic development in the community and we encouraged Canadian Tire to put forward an application,” the mayor said. “If it does that it would go through the regular consultation process.”
McKee and all members of Council had refused to comment this week on The Current’s story that Canadian Tire had sought a confidential meeting with them to discuss a possible project on two of the four parcels of land owned by Steve Platt at the junction of Highway 23 North and the Trans-Canada Highway.
“The zoning for the proposed site does not allow for big box retail stores,” said a statement from City Hall that was released on Friday afternoon. “This zoning district (It is a Comprehensive Development Zone.) was specifically put in place by the owner of the property for accommodation development with supporting small-scale retail and restaurant uses.
“The concept for the Canadian Tire included not only a big box store, but a supermarket, pharmacy and liquor store.”
Council did express some concern about the potential spread of commercial development away from the downtown core and highway development does remain an issue in many people’s minds. Having said that, Council remains open to worthwhile development projects, McKee told The Current.
He and the rest of Council were elected in November because they spoke strongly in favour of economic progress and prosperity.
McKee said Canadian Tire officials he has spoken with made it clear that while they do not think Revelstoke is quite ready for a big box store “we’re still on their radar for future developments.”
McKee spoke extensively about this issue during his regular Mayor’s Report segment with Shawn Aquiline on EZ Rock on Friday morning. Please click here to listen to the mayor’s comments.