The 5-minute Council Report: This week with Councillor Aaron Orlando

Aaron Orlando
Aaron Orlando

By David F. Rooney
The simmering controversy over logging at Mount Mcpherson is the topic of this week’s 5-minute City Council Report.
This is a complex issue, so complicated in fact, that Councillor Aaron Orlando went over the five-minute limit by another two minutes.
Mount Macpherson is rapidly evolving into a key tourism area for both cross-country skiers in winter and, in the other three seasons, mountain biking.
The area is proposed for logging by the BC Timber Sales (BCTS) agency and many residents are deeply concerned. Some have banded together to create an online petition at that has already been signed by 1,079 people. Paper petitions are also being circulated in town.
For those Current readers unfamiliar with the proposal to cut timber at the mountain you can click here to discover more about the issue — and the petition that many hope will derail it.
Please activate the YouTube player below to watch Aaron’s take on this issue: