Terrorism requires a firm response

MP David Wilks Kootenay Columbia Conservative Party of Canada
MP David Wilks
Kootenay Columbia
Conservative Party of Canada

Horrifically, as we have seen in Canada, the international jihadist movement has declared war on us. Canadians are being targeted by these terrorists simply because they hate our society and the values it represents.
One only need to look back over the past several weeks at the terrorist attacks in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu as well as attacks abroad in Australia and Paris, to see that the threat of radical Islamic extremism is a very real threat.
As I travel throughout Kootenay Columbia, I hear constituents over and over saying that these threats require a strong response.
That is why, under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Conservative government took action and brought forward the Protection of Canada from Terrorists Act and Anti-terrorism Act 2015, that protects Canadians against jihadi terrorists who seek to destroy the very principles that make Canada the best country in the world to live.
Our government rejects the argument that every time we talk about security, our freedoms are threatened. Canadians understand that their freedom and security go hand in hand. Canadians expect us to protect both, and there are protections in this legislation to do exactly that.
The fundamental fact is that our police and national security agencies are working to protect our rights and our freedoms, and it is jihadi terrorists who endanger our security and who would take away our freedoms.
Providing national security agencies with new tools will ensure that gaps in sharing information about suspected terrorists does not limit their ability to prevent attacks on Canada or against Canadians.
We as politicians do not enforce the law, but we have the duty to make sure that law enforcement has the necessary tools to keep Canadians safe. As a former RCMP officer, I can assure you that this government is doing everything in its power to continue to do just that.
David Wilks is the Conservative Party MP for the riding of Kootenay Columbia