Sunday evening accidents kept the Mounties busy

Revelstoke RCMP attended to several accidents on the evening of Sunday, February 1.
“At approximately 7 pm police were called to an incident approximately 40 km west of Revelstoke on the Trans-Canada Highway where two commercial tractor trailers struck each other head on,” Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said in a statement released on Monday. “The East-bound truck lost control in the slippery surface and struck the West-bound truck. Both vehicles sustained serious damage, in excess of $10,000 and were inoperable.”
Neither driver was injured but their trucks were hauled away. Both transports were travelling at slow speeds.
This incident triggered another accident when a passenger bus that stopped for the original accident was then struck another tractor trailer. The collision caused enough damage that a replacement bus was required, however, again there were no injuries. The bus was also towed from the scene.
Two further incidents were then reported on similar portions of the highway. Road conditions were available on DriveBC. The closure ended at approximately 1230 am on Monday February 2.
“Currently a road closure on Highway 23 North exists due to a rock slide,” Grabinsky said. “One vehicle is known to have been involved in that incident with serious damage. The road is being assessed to determine the safety of rock removal and possible time to re-open.
“Over the weekend there were a total of seven reported incidents to the police. The driving public is reminded to utilize proper winter tires and to drive to the conditions.”