Don't miss Anything Goes — it may be one of Revy's best-ever fundraising art shows

By David F. Rooney
If you don’t yet have tickets for the Anything Goes exhibition and auction at the Visual Arts Centre on Saturday you had better get to Art First and snap up the last couple of dozen tickets ASAP. The paintings, ceramics and carvings on sale this year are among the very best I have seen produced by local artists.
The show starts at 7 pm at The Centre, located at 320 Wilson Street behind the Days Inn, features a silent auction and a live auction, to be led by the always-entertaining Rob Lamont.
I spent part of Thursday afternoon gazing at the works, which this year were based on the theme of Light and Dark, being hung by The Centre’s executive director, Jackie Pendergast, and volunteers Tracy Macfarlane and Cat Mather. They are imaginative and sometimes even quirky creations by some of the talented visual artists in Revelstoke.
The Anything Goes exhibition and auction is the main annual fundraiser for The Centre and the money raised this year is earmarked for the effort to landscape the grounds that have, for the last several years, been little more than a wasteland.
There are only 125 tickets and about 100 have been sold so if you want to enjoy this show and purchase an amazing bargain or two you had better visit Art First, which is downtown at 113 First Street West, on Friday and purchase one or two. At $10 a pop they’re a bargain.
The show includes the traditional contest to see if you can guess who produced which work and this year there will be an amazing parade of desserts by the talented people at The Modern. Here’s a list of the desserts and their ingredients:
Lemon Tiramisu Cake
old-fashioned Pound Cake with Lemon Mousse and Lemon Curd
-contains dairy, gluten, cream cheese, eggs
Lady Strawberry Trifle
custard, vanilla cake, fruit
contains egg, dairy, gluten, alcohol
Flaming Mt. Begbie Baked Alaska
With vanilla and salted caramel and chocolate ganache, Meringue
Contains dairy, egg white, cake layer
French Raspberry Macaron Cake
Almond Dacquoise, Crème Brulee, Raspberry Coulis
No dairy, GF, contains eggs, coconut milk
14 Carat Rockstar Chocolate Cake
No dairy, GF, contains eggs, chocolate, coconut milk
French Fruit Galette
Contains butter, gluten
Chunky Monkey
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake
Contains dairy, eggs, gluten, peanut butter
These desserts are a marvelous inducement to come to the show. But just in case you can live without tasting some Chunky Monkey can you really get through the winter without art?
Here’s a visual sampling of the art being auctioned off starting at 7 pm on Saturday (Please note that because of the traditional who-made-what contest I have not included image titles or artists’ names):

online-anything-goes 5-01

online-anything-goes 5-02
online-anything-goes 5-03
online-anything-goes 5-04
online-anything-goes 5-05
online-anything-goes 5-06
online-anything-goes 5-07
online-anything-goes 5-08
online-anything-goes 5-09

online-anything-goes 5-10