Derailment at Stoney Creek Bridge

A 199-car train derailed at the iconic Stoney Creek Bridge in Glacier National Park just east of Rogers Pass early Tuesday morning.
An anonymous source said a number of cars jumped the rails and three empty cars were left hanging off the 180-foot-high bridge.
CPR spokesman Martin Cej, the corporation’s new vice-president of communications, said: “At approximately 5:30 a.m. pacific time Tuesday, a westbound train derailed 5 empty flat cars at the Stoney Creek bridge.
“CP is working to rerail the cars and is in contact with Parks Canada. There are no environmental concerns.
“There were no injuries and no public safety issues.
“CP’s emergency protocols were immediately enacted and all safety precautions and measures are being taken as our crews respond to the situation with local officials. An investigation to the cause is underway.”