Two new ways to help the Goodmans

By David F. Rooney

Friends and neighbours of Dennis and Margo Goodman have two new ways to help them get back on their feet after losing all of their possessions in last weekend’s trailer fire.

Margo’s sister, Julie Redlin, said Thursday, December 18, said an online crowd-funding account has been set up at This is an easy way for people, particularly out-of-towners, to make a financial contribution to the Goodmans’ recovery. Locals who prefer the personal touch can make a donation to Margo’s account at the Revelstoke Credit Union.

A storage container has also been acquired in their name at Revelstoke Mini-Storage at 2400 Boulder Road in the Big Eddy.

“Dorothy, the manager, has the key to the unit and can open it for anyone who wants to drop off things for them,” Julie said. “They really need small kitchen and household appliances of all kinds.”

Those things could include: a toaster, coffeemaker, microwave, tea towels, pots, pans, tea pot, mugs, glasses, plates and dishes, utensils, a TV, bedroom dressers, a computer, computer desk and chair, bath towels and facecloths, bed sheets, blankets, Rubbermaid Storage Totes and a raft of other items — even clothes hangers. If in doubt you can always call Margo on her new cell phone at 250-814-3476 to find out what they need.

“The people of Revelstoke are sure amazing,” said Margo’s good friend Mona Treber. “I was talking to Margo and Dennis today and they are overwhelmed with the words of encouragement and support they have been getting from everyone they see.  It is a wonderful lift to their spirits to know so many people care for them.”

Indeed it is. Revelstokians certainly know how to come together to achiever their goals and, most of all, support each other when the chips are down.