Nepal-bound backpackers sought!

A Kelowna woman is trying to contact two Revelstokians who are, apparently, going on a backpacking trip through Nepal early this coming year.

“Unfortunately I only have their first names and know that they’re from Revy,” Cayley Walker said in an e-mail to The Current on Sunday, December 21.

She said she attended to them when they stopped by the Atmosphere store in Kelowna last Sunday, December 21.

“They have a trip coming up early next year backpacking in Nepal, and I forgot to give them some additional info,” Cayley said. “I am hoping somehow that this finds them through social media and that they can contact me. Their names are Jenna and Jesse, and they’re in their early 20s. If anyone knows them please pass on this message and tell them Cayley Walker is trying to get in touch. Thanks in advance!”

Jenna and/or Jesse can contact Cayley via e-mail at or by phone at 778-581-5050.