Mounties experience the Day of the Bulldog

By David F. Rooney

Here’s a little story that will undoubtedly strike a chord in the hearts of dog-lovers everywhere.

Wednesday, December 3, may long remain lodged in the memories of local Mounties as the Day of the Bulldog after a woman in distress burst into the detachment soaked to the bone.

“The woman was experiencing hypothermia as a result of entering the river, searching for her missing dog,” Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said in a statement.

He said the woman in her 30s had been “running on the green belt path south of Downie Timber when her nine-year-old American Bulldog went into the water.”

Unable to locate her pet, the unidentified woman ran to the detachment to obtain medical aid and assistance in searching for her dog.

Mounties called paramedics and an ambulance came screaming down Third Street to the detachment. The woman was treated for hypothermia and taken to Queen Victoria Hospital.

Grabinsky said three RCMP officers spent an hour searching the area for the missing dog, which was later located by a man who had been walking in the Grenbelt. The dog was reunited with its overjoyed owner who was discharged from hospital.

“The Revelstoke RCMP wish to thank the citizen who located the dog and are appreciative for his assistance,” Grabinsky said.