CSRD’s residential recycling program gets a New Year revamp

Starting on January 1, residential recycling at CSRD recycling depots will look different as its Depot Recycling Program becomes a new industry-led recycling program managed by Multi Materials BC (MMBC).

In a statement, the CSRD said it will receive financial compensation through an agreement allowing MMBC to operate the residential depot collection program. Similar to other return-to-depot programs (tires, electronics and paint recycling), the CSRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan dictates that if there is an industry-led program in place, the management and costs associated with delivering the program should be the responsibility of the industry.

“MMBC’s obligations include funding many aspects of the depot collection program, which is currently funded entirely through taxation.” says Ben Van Nostrand, the CSRD’s team leader for Environmental Services. “Transferring to the MMBC model shifts the costs and responsibilities to industry, rather than the taxpayer.”

The new MMBC program will allow residents to recycle additional items that are currently not accepted for recycling, such as aerosol containers, styrofoam, film plastic (plastic bags) and disposable drink cups. These items are in addition to the existing collection of fiber (paper and cardboard), containers (plastic and tin) and glass.

The new program will require residents to sort their recycling into six different categories and recycling depot sites will be staffed with hours of operation to ensure only recyclable products are accepted. The new sorting categories are:

  1. Containers (includes plastic, metal, and paper that contained liquid {i.e. disposable coffee cups})
  2. Paper (includes printed paper, cardboard, and packaging of dry goods)
  3. Plastic bags
  4. White Styrofoam
  5. Colored Styrofoam
  6. Glass

The MMBC program is for residential use only and businesses will have to find alternate collection options.

Please click here to check the CSRD website for program information, depot locations and hours of operation.