Students’ vote closely mirrored adults’ picks

By David F. Rooney

Revelstoke elementary students followed the civic election just as carefully as their parents by asking candidates some pretty perceptive questions and watching all of The Current’s video interviews.

They even voted via the project sponsored by CIVIX. Here is the result of their vote:

Michael Brooks-HillMayor27
Mark McKeeMayorELECTED40
David RavenMayor13
Steve BenderCouncillor14
Connie BrothersCouncillorELECTED48
George BuhlerCouncillor16
Scott DukeCouncillorELECTED49
Trevor EnglishCouncillorELECTED39
Chuck FergusonCouncillorELECTED34
Chris JohnstonCouncillor17
Linda Jean NixonCouncillor21
Aaron OrlandoCouncillorELECTED23
Karen PowersCouncillor17
Gary Richard StarlingCouncillor22
Gary SulzCouncillorELECTED34

“The students got a lot from this experience,” said Amber Thompson, a Grade3/4 teacher and librarian at Arrow Heights Elementary School. “I think asking the kids to come up with relevant questions really made them feel involved, and I know my class have certainly been discussing the election around the dinner table! I feel the candidates responses were carefully written and I and the other teachers are very grateful for the hard work they put in, at a very busy time.”

Meanwhile, Grade 4/5 pupils at Columbia Park Elementary held a separate vote after watching and then discussing all of the candidate videos. Here’s how they voted:

Michael Brooks-Hill6
David Raven4
Scott Duke23ELECTED
Trevor English19ELECTED
Linda Nixon14ELECTED
Connie Brothers12ELECTED
Gary Starling9ELECTED
Steve Bender9ELECTED
Karen Powers8
Chris Johnston5
Aaron Orlando6
Gary Sulz5
George Buhler4
Chuck Ferguson3

“I think that I would like to take the kids to City Hall once things are settled; perhaps have the mayor meet the kids and show them around,” said Grade 4/5 teacher Sue Leach. “I would also like to invite the Councillors to our classroom for questions and comments, now that the kids have ‘met’ them during the interviews.”