Council discusses Alan Mason’s situation in secret

By David F. Rooney

Calling stories about the City’s handling of a “disciplinary” issue involving Community Economic Development Director Alan Mason “very stressful,” Mayor David Raven closed a special meeting of City Council on Tuesday, November 4, and sent the matter into an in camera session.

This was expected but no word has emerged as to what decision Councillors reached. The public portion of the special Council meeting focused primarily on the situation regarding the Big Eddy Waterworks (BEW), which in itself is a highly significant issue for all Revelstokians — not just Big Eddy residents.

As anyone who has read The Current since last week knows, Mason was suspended with pay and neither he nor anyone else within the municipal and Council hierarchies have publicly said anything about the situation.

Mayor Raven, who just last week had made a point of telling the audience at last week’s Mayoralty Candidates Forum that he doesn’t hold a grudge refused to entertain questions about the Big Eddy Waterworks situation from The Current. Clearly angry, Raven may have thought I was planning to ask about Mason, but I knew there would be no point in asking anything about that because it was about to be discussed behind closed doors. The questions I did have were about the BEW but I was denied an opportunity ask them.

What happens now with Alan Mason? He’ll either be re-instated or Council will discipline him for reasons it does not wish to discuss.

You can hear all of the mayor’s comments at the 36:43 point on The Current’s video recording of Tuesday’s special meeting below: