A Fractured Fairy Tale for our times

Editor’s Note:

I have been told a number of things by a number of different people about the controversial suspension of Alan Mason. One of the things I have been given to understand is that many people believe a climate of fear has settled over City Hall and that this situation has much to do with that. None of the characters (and, yes, you can read between the lines if you wish) has said anything to me or anyone else associated with The Current. They have all kept their mouths shut so should not held responsible for any of the details in the following fable…

By David F. Rooney

Once upon a time on a planet far, far away there was a kingdom called Vestokeler that was ruled by King and his Council of Six Advisors. Behind the King and his Council there was a Magician who made sure that things were carried on just the way he wanted.

But sometimes things did not proceed the way the King and his Magician wanted and this made them very unhappy.

There was, for instance, a fair maiden who worried about the poor people who lived in the kingdom. She helped create a strategy for helping the poor people and wrote many interesting stories about her ideas that were published in a local newspaper.

You’d think that most people would welcome her ideas but, no, the Magician was not at all pleased and he summoned the fair maiden and complained bitterly about her actions and forbade her from talking to the newspapers ever again. This made the fair maiden cry sorrowfully and she went and talked to the man who was her boss.

That man was in charge of attracting new businesses to the kingdom and had already fallen afoul of the Magician and the King by refusing to say that all was right with the kingdom’s businesses and industries. So when he sent a message to the Magician defending the maiden and suggesting that he, the Magician, should apologize to her and find a different way to resolve their differences, the Magician grew angrier still. He cursed and roared and told the man that he was suspended from his job. The Magician dearly wanted to get rid of the man and summoned him to a hearing where threatened to fire him, but the man said: “You can’t do that without the approval of the King and his Council of Six Advisors.”

So the Magician arranged a special meeting with the King and His Council of Six Advisors… but would that happen in public or behind closed doors?

How do you think this fractured fairytale should end?

City Council actually is holding a Special Meeting on Tuesday, November  at 3 pm. There is no agenda for this meeting. That is extremely unusual.