Revelstoke Cable acquires a new GM

Tracey Buckley General Manager Revelstoke Cable
Tracey Buckley
General Manager
Revelstoke Cable

Revelstoke Cable has announced the hiring of a new manager, Tracey Buckley, general manager of BC Cable, a division of YourLink Inc. and Vecima Networks.

A statement described Buckley as an active mountain biker, white water kayaker, Nordic, downhill and backcountry skier with 17 years of technical solutions experience and engineering education.

“Tracey moved here from Golden, BC, to be part of the wonderful mountain community of Revelstoke,” it said and quoted her as saying: “I am excited to meet everyone in my new community and greatly improve the communications service that Revelstoke has been asking for.”

The company simultaneously announced capital investment by its parent company, Vecima Networks, to upgrade TV, Internet and phone infrastructure for increased performance.

“We will be improving customer service and engagement through communication and product offerings,” the statement said. “We are part of the community, live and work here. While planning our infrastructure we will be actively seeking existing and former client feedback to improve our services.

In addition to residential service, we believe small business growth is essential to Revelstoke, with communications technology playing an important role. We will be engaging businesses to understand their needs and we are open to finding customized solutions.”

Revelstoke Cable provides, telephonic, television and Internet services in the city. It currently has 3 Customer Service Representatives, 2 Technicians/Installers, 1 Office Manager, 1 Technical Operations Manager and its new general manager, Tracey Buckley. It is actively recruiting for technical positions in Revelstoke and Nakusp.

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