Oh, THIS is a good question

To The Editor:

As you know, the Selkirk Land and Cattle Corporation instituted a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the City of Revelstoke for breach of contract. A settlement agreement was entered into in May of last year. As the taxpayers were made aware at the time, the settlement agreement includes a requirement that the terms and conditions of the settlement be confidential.

Since the settlement, on occasion, I have been asked if Selkirk would be willing to waive the requirement of confidentiality if the City could be persuaded by the taxpayers to do likewise. With a seminal election looming the question has taken on an increased relevance. With the current Mayor’s ┬ástated goal of increased transparency at City Hall, I am now being asked the question more often so in order to clear up any misconceptions, I hereby confirm that Selkirk is willing to waive the confidentiality requirement if the City wishes to release the settlement agreement in its entirety to the taxpayers.

Robert Powadiuk,
Agent for Selkirk Land and Cattle Corporation
Revelstoke, BC