Got a doozey of a question for Council and Mayoral candidates?


Do you have a doozey of a question for our Mayoral and Council candidates?

If you do, the Chamber of Commerce and The Revelstoke Current want to hear from you.

Citizens’ questions must be submitted to the Chamber prior to Friday, October 17. Please address your question to either Mayoral candidates or Council candidates.

Questions can be submitted to or

All questions will be reviewed and consolidated by the Chamber and The Revelstoke Current. 

Questions will be posted on the Chamber site and sent to all candidates prior to the forum.  Questions will be drawn at random with a candidate drawn to answer during the All-Candidates Forum..

The 2014 All Candidates Forum is to be moderated by Geoff Battersby and will be held on Wednesday, October 22, at 7 pm at the Recreation Centre.

These questions do not preclude questions from the floor.

For more information please visit