Don’t miss Tuesday night’s Mayoralty Candidates’ Forum

By David F. Rooney

The three men vying for the chance to lead Revelstoke through the next four years are putting it all on the line during Tuesday evening’s Mayoralty Candidates Forum in the Seniors’ Centre starting at 7 pm.

Former Mayor and retired physician Geoff Battersby will moderate this event that has been organized by the Chamber of Commerce. The doors open at 6:30 pm and seating will be limited so be sure to get there early.

Geoff will introduce the three candidates: incumbent David Raven, Mark McKee and Michael Brooks-Hill.  Each candidate is allowed up to 5 minutes for his opening presentation after which they be asked 12 questions formulated by the Chamber’s forum organizing committee. These questions have been provided to the candidates in advance. Each man will have 2 minutes to answer each question. The moderator will ask the question and each candidate will have 2 minutes to answer the question.

Questions from the floor may be answered by each of the candidates unless the question is addressed to an individual. The Rules of Conduct for questions from the floor are as follows:

  • Questions from the floor must be asked at the microphone;
  • Questions must be stated in less than one minute;
  • Each person may ask one question; and
  • Each person is asked to please identify themselves prior to speaking and then sit down once they have asked their question.

All candidates will have five minutes to sum up at the end of the forum.

The Revelstoke Current will video-record this event and it will be posted online on Wednesday morning, October 29. It will also be made available to RCTV for broadcast on Channel 6.

Please click here to read the full evening agenda as well as all 12 questions devised by the Chamber.