Community Banner Program moves to a colourful autumn start


By David F. Rooney

The City’s venerable Banner Program is, starting this Saturday, October 4, now being held in the autumn, as opposed to late winter as it has been since its inception.

The switch was made in order to accomplish two things: 1) make it easier to involve more kids and families who would otherwise be deep into hockey and skiing in the months following Christmas; and 2) help cut costs. The program has to pay the City in order to have the banners installed and removed each year. By creating banners in the autumn organizers anticipate that they can avoid the installation cost by having them put up when City crews are busy taking down the Christmas banners.

Organizer Jackie James is being assisted by artists Cat Mather and Tracy Macfarlane and they hope to see 100 banners completed by children and families as well as individual adults and businesses. Family banners are $50 plus tax and Jackie, Cat and Tracy will be on hand during every workshop to assist parents and children with their colourful banners. Please click here to view the banner workshop schedule.

In a typical year businesses have sponsored one third to one half of all banners. Business banners cost $125 plus tax and, if a business decides to engage a local artist, may involve artist fees. However, that is between individual businesses and any local artists whose skills they might wish to hire.

This year’s theme for the banner program is: “How We Move —All the things in our world that move us and everything around us. Past, present and future.”

All banners are to be painted at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre, located at 320 Wilson Street behind the Days Inn.

Please click here to view information regarding business banner program.

You can register for the program by calling the Community Centre at 250-837-9351.