BVE plans a healthy breakfast program

To Whom It May Concern:

Begbie View Elementary (BVE) is in the initial stages of implementing a breakfast program. The intent of this program is to provide all kids at BVE with the opportunity to eat and access healthy foods to start the day. The teachers and the BVE Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) believe that there is a need for this type of a program at BVE, as kids who are well fed are more ready to learn, more engaged in learning and better problem solvers.

Our vision for the program is to run a breakfast program two or three mornings a week starting in January of 2015 with the hope of expanding the program in the future. This program will provide students with access to healthy foods, teach healthy eating habits and provide an opportunity for the BVE school community to engage with the community of Revelstoke as part of an outreach program.

The goals of our program are threefold:

  1.  To provide all students at BVE an opportunity to eat and access healthy foods to start the day, including children whose families can’t afford regular breakfast.
  2.  To provide all students with an opportunity to sit down and enjoy healthy food and time with their peers and members of the school community.
  3.  To help teach students about the importance of breakfast, healthy food and eating habits to start the day.

We believe this joint initiative being put on by teachers, parents, community members and students from intermediate grades and the high school will not only enrich our school, but also help forge relationships between students, community members, and teachers.  Studies have shown that breakfast programs decrease absenteeism, tardiness, and conflicts between students, ensuring student success.

Our hope is that you, as a valued community member/business can help this program be successful. This can be done via donation of time, discounts, products, ideas or funds. For more information or to donate please contact BVE at 250-837-3085 and ask for Kendra or via email:


Kendra von Bremen
BVE teacher & parent
Revelstoke, BC