A thank-you to Revelstoke from Sierra Leone

Manty listens to her radio as she works on her laptop. Photo courtesy of Manty Dabo
Sierra Leonean Manty Dabo listens to her radio as she works on her laptop. Manty has shared with Revelstoke Current readers her fears as the ebola crisis enveloped her country. Photo courtesy of Manty Dabo

Editor’s Note:
On Tuesday, October 21, Laura Stovel’s dear friend Manty Dabo told her that her sister-in-law had just died of ebola and her brother and their two children and two wards are in quarantine. Manty has been a great source of information about the impact ebola is having on her native Sierra Leone and Laura wrote back that her heart and prayers go out to her family. She also told her about the money raised for Doctors Without Borders and Radio Bintumani last Saturday. A short while later Manty replied with the following e-mail, which Laura decided to share with Current readers who have been following the ebola crisis in general and Manty’s story in particular:

My dear Laura,
Thanks to all of you involved in the fundraising efforts. It shows how dear you are to humanity and to Sierra Leone in particular. I am particularly pleased to hear that you will support Radio Bintumani. The radio is sometimes down as a result of lack of power supply. The support will definitely go a long way and will create a positive impact as sensitization by radio is very effective as it has a wider coverage, hence reaches many people. Moreover, the topography of the district is rough and tough and so very difficult to access.
I, together with most Sierra Leoneans, appreciate the MSF as they are really giving their best. Had it not been for their interventions, the situation would have been even worst. Their earlier appeals for international response was neglected till now when the EVD has ravaged our the country.
Please pass my appreciation to all those involved in the fundraising as you are all great people.
God bless you all!
Warm regards,
Waterloo, Sierra Leone

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