SD 19 urges everyone to adopt the BCSTA Back to School Action Plan

Revelstoke’s school trustees are urging the province and the BC Teachers’ Federation to take a close look at the BC School Trustees’ Association’s Back to School Action Plan as a possible framework for a deal.

“The Revelstoke Board of Education strongly supports the BC School Trustees’ Association’s Back to School Action Plan and is asking all parties involved to find an immediate resolution to ensure stability for our students, and to protect the integrity of our school system for the benefit of our students, their parents, and teachers,” SD 19 Chairman Alan Chell said in a letter to the union, the province and the BC Public School Employers’ Association.

“It is very disappointing that this level of uncertainty exists in our public education system as a result of the ongoing labour dispute. Our entire school community is extremely concerned with the impact this dispute is having on students and their families.”

The BCSTA’s plan has five objectives and eight actions all partiers can take towards ending the strike.

“BC school trustees are fully aware of the complexities of the current bargaining impasse,” the plan says. “As the governors of BC’s local school districts and employers of staff who make our schools successful, BC school trustees know that a balance must be found between the bargaining objectives of the BC Teachers’ Federation and the economic mandate established by the provincial government. We believe that such a balance can be found.

“We urge teachers to modify the increases they are seeking including their benefit requests so that the overall compensation package falls within the range that was accepted by other public sector unions. We ask government to put all of the savings from the strike and lockout into the Learning Improvement Fund (LIF) to support students, student learning, and class size and composition. We believe that our students have been the most affected by the strike/lockout and would benefit from the enhancement to the Learning Improvement Fund where local decisions can be made to support their learning needs. These two recommendations could bring a negotiated settlement within reach that would then allow schools to open on time.”

Please click here to read the complete BCSTA Back to School Action Plan.