Province offers money for kids in care during teachers’ strike

The Parents of public school students 12 years old and under can now register to receive $40 per student for each day school is not in session due to the ongoing labour disruption in BC public schools.

The Temporary Education Support for Parents (TESP) program is intended to help parents with the added cost of learning and supervision for the duration of the labour disruption, says a statement issued by the provincial government on Sunday, August 31.

Parents and primary caregivers are eligible to apply. Primary caregivers can include step-parents, legal guardians, foster parents, host parents for international students, caregivers with temporary custody arrangements, and family members who normally care for the student, such as grandparents.

To register parents and primary caregivers will need to provide the name, address, date of birth, school district number and school for each eligible student.

The statement said payment will be made by cheque in a single payment mailed to the address provided during registration.

However, most payments will be processed within 30 days after the month that the labour disruption ends.

Payments for students attending Kindergarten, and for students who are new to BC public schools, will also be made after the labour disruption ends, once enrolment for the current school year can be confirmed.

Eligible parents will have four months from the end of the month in which the labour disruption is settled to register for the temporary education support. No new registrations will be accepted after this date, the statement said.

Quick facts about this program:

  1. For those without access to a computer, registration by paper form is also available by calling 1-877 387-3332 or 250-387-3332;
  2. The payment is not taxable and will not affect provincial and federal tax credits and benefits such as the new BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit, BC Low Income Climate Action Tax Credit, Sales Tax Credit or the federal Canada Child Tax Benefit or GST credit; and
  3. The payment will not impact other provincial support assistance such as income or disability assistance, child care subsidy, subsidized housing, MSP subsidies, or Fair Pharmacare.