Gary Sulz is planning a run at City Council

Local funeral director Gary Sulz is in the running for a seat on City Council. Sulz has given much thought to Council over the years and says that now the time has come.

“I feel with all the issues Council is facing, now is the time to get involved,” he said in a statement sent to local news media on Friday, September 19.

“Higher taxes, aging infrastructure, financial restraint and new ideas are all reasons to get involved. I feel that I would like to be involved in the process and feel that my personal and business experiences over the past 30 years in this community allow me some insight to what came before and to what may be required for the future.”

Sulz said Revelstoke can only prosper when the general population and City Council work together.

“There are many dynamics that make up any community but it all comes down to financial viability for all who reside here,” he said. “We need to pay for city services, but we all need to make a decent living to stay here. Attracting business is great and required, but we also need business to succeed and be viable for the long term. Positive movement forward for this community will involve new ideas, new strategic planning and the general population and City Council working together.”