Chamber offers ‘speed-dating’ one-on-ones with Council candidates

The Chamber of Commerce is once again going to facilitate community election forums for both Council and School District candidates. But there will be a new wrinkle this year — a “speed dating” session that gives voters a swift one-on-one with local Council candidates.

With the official nomination period running from Tuesday, September 30, until Friday, October 10 we can look forward to a full slate of candidates standing for election on Saturday, November 15.

The Chamber’s All-Candidates Forum is to be held on Wednesday, October 22, at the Community Centre starting at 7 pm. This meeting will be open to all mayoral, Council and CSRD Area B candidates.

The ‘speed-dating’ session, formally known as the All-Candidate One-on-One, is to be held in the Macpherson Room at the Recreation Centre from 2 pm until 4 pm. Citizens are invited to come out and chat one-on-one for a few minutes with participating City Council and mayoral candidates.

The All-Candidate Forum for School District 19 Trustees is scheduled for Tuesday, October 28, at 7pm at the Seniors’ Centre.

Chamber President Steve Bailey encourages all eligible voters to participate in the election.

“Every Revelstokian can make their vote count by taking time to research the candidates and issues and voting according to what they believe will best benefit our community,” he said in the statement.

In the 2011 Municipal election only 36% of eligible Revelstokians cast a vote. Of course, there was no race for mayor and that makes a difference. Voter turnout is significantly higher when there is a race to occupy the City’s top post

Bailey said the Chamber plans to “engage citizens in conversation through public forums and social media” and encourage them to get out and vote.

The general voting day is Saturday, November 15.  Advance voting opportunities are on Wednesday, November 5, and Wednesday, November 12, at the Revelstoke Community Centre.