Be on the lookout! Scammers are at work targeting our seniors

By David F. Rooney

Be on the lookout, Revelstoke! Scammers are at work in the city targeting seniors.

“They were out in Mount Begbie Manor’s tenants’ parking lot phoning tenants trying to get in to the building so they can scam you into buying a very over-priced fan ($1,600) for your house,” Manor Manager Pat Weatherby told The Current on Monday afternoon, September 22. “What I didn’t like to hear was that they had sold one (to a senior in the manor). The cost was astronomical and they had told another tenant who had asked who they were that they were family to the person they were in seeing.

“Honest salesmen do not lie to get in. Let this be a warning to anyone else that they might approach in Revelstoke.”

Pat has some very good advice to residents whose parents are seniors: Keep close to your mom and dad ask them if they have been solicited by phone recently.”

Pat said she has alerted the RCMP to what’s going on.

They claim to be working for Quality Air Systems and drive a white truck with Saskatchewan plates.

“They are phoning people wanting you to do an online survey about air quality and offering free gifts — no strings attached — for doing the survey. They come into your place to hustle product not caring how they do it. The air quality system they are wanting you to buy is over $1,600, something most seniors cannot afford.”

If you think you or a senior you know has been victimized please call the RCMP immediately at 250-837-5255.