Vacation Rental bylaw passes Third Reading

By David F. Rooney

City’s proposed Vacation Rental Bylaw has received Third Reading by Council.

The proposed bylaw will, once it is passed, govern where vacation rentals may be opened in the city and how they must operate. The bylaw has not yet been adopted.

So, what is a vacation rental? The City defines a vacation rental this way:

Vacation Rental – means the licensed use of a residential single detached dwelling or a licensed secondary suite as temporary lodging (less than 30 days at any one time) for paying guests. Vacation Rental use is restricted to a total of no more than 120 days per calendar year. The maximum occupancy shall be calculated based on two adults per licensed bedroom with a total maximum occupancy of eight people. No signage shall be permitted. The property owner is to provide a contact number for themselves or a representative located within the City and available 24 hours a day. The contact number is to appear on the Business License posted in the Vacation Rental Unit.

So far they may be opened in R1 single-family residential and R2 areas low-density residential areas that are designated as R1Av and R2Av.

Permitted vacation rentals must provide one parking space per licensed bedroom up to a maximum of four spaces.

“No more than two parking spaces are permitted within the front yard area,” the bylaw states. “The property owner is to request that Vacation Rental guests park all vehicles within the allocated parking areas on the property.”

A public hearing on this matter was held on July 17 and drew a substantial number of curious spectators, 12 of whom commented either verbally or in writing.

Poppy Reiner, owner of Poppy’s Hostel, said she supports a Vacation Rental bylaw but would like to see consideration of a pillow tax fee.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Judy Goodman said the Chamber wants a limit set on the number of vacation rental units in the community. That was echoed by Norm Langlois, president of the Revelstoke Accommodation Association, and by Scott Duke.

Please click here to read the amended Vacation Rental Bylaw.

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