The State of The Current — 2014


By David F. Rooney

The Revelstoke Current is closing in on the half-million mark in terms of the total number of people who have visited it. Statistics from Google Analytics show that 483,670 “unique individuals” as Google calls them, have so far read The Current online. During the week of July 6-12 there 7,410 readers.

Those nearly half-million readers read 4,978,314 pages during 1,835,958 online sessions. 26.34% of all sessions involve new readers. The men and women who read The Current have enjoyed the 5,509 stories, 13, 707 photos and 4,203 comments published since its inception  on July 1, 2009.

The Current has been read by people in every country on the planet except for two or three in West Africa. Having said that, though  I have to make it clear that most readership resides in Canada, and specifically British Columbia.

The Current also produces short videos of local people and local events. To date, I have produced 179 videos that have been viewed 74,054 times. They’re not slick; I’m hardly a professional — or even trained — videographer. But they do faithfully capture snippets of Revelstoke life. 

At a guess I do about 95 per cent of everything but I do have help with editorial  content from Leslie Savage, Laura Stovel, John Devitt and Jason Portras, as well as the annual Great Bendinni column published every New Year. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged: Thank you one and all. I also have assistance with advertising sales from former Times Review publisher Barb Mukanik. Thanks, Barb.

I’d also like to express my gratitude to the men and women of Revelstoke who have from time to time contributed their thoughts, photos and anecdotes to The Current’s pages. You truly make The Current a community newspaper. And that is what makes The Current a success with its readers. If something doesn’t have a Revelstoke connection of some sort I’m just not interested. That’s why you don’t read many stories about what’s happening in Victoria or Ottawa unless it involves MLA Norm Macdonald or MP David Wilks.

My profound thanks also go out to all of the local and regional businesses, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies, big and small, that have supported The Revelstoke Current by purchasing advertising space. Their faith in The Current’s ability to reach the largest number of readers possible in Revelstoke and throughout our region and province is deeply appreciated.

And that, my friends, is the State of The Current today. Thank you for your support.

Please click here to see the Google Analytics extract for July 1, 2009, until July 13, 2014.

Please click here to see the Google Analytics extract for July 6, 2009, until July 13, 2014.

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