Keep away from RSS and Queen Elizabeth Park on Wednesday: Mounties

Keep away from Queen Elizabeth Park, the arena and both RSS and Begbie View Elementary on Wednesday.

That’s the word from RCMP Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky who said the detachment is hosting a training scenario involving a fictional incident at the high school.

Mounties from across BC are coming to participate in the training exercise and a number of local people have been engaged to act as civilian actors to make it more realistic.

“This training scenario is an opportunity for the members of the emergency response community (RCMP, BCAS, RFD, QVH) in Revelstoke to test their plans and skills on a serious scenario,” Grabinsky said.

“The area will be closed to the public and we ask that bystanders stay clear of the park and area around the arena, schools and Queen Elizabeth Park.”

The exercise will be occurring from 7 am to 3 pm.

“We appreciate the support of all the actors and participants in the community for making this possible,” Grabinsky said. “We especially thank School District #19 for providing the RSS facility to allow this to occur.”