Current to begin offering video recordings of City Council meetings

By David F. Rooney

Video recordings of Revelstoke City Council meetings will begin this week and will be hosted on The Revelstoke Current’s YouTube channel.

Council meetings have not been broadcast for a couple of years now and The Current believes that members of the public are entitled to have access to a raw and unfiltered video feed of Council’s proceedings.

Both The Current and The Times Review provide news stories about our municipal government and while Council meetings are open to the public most people are unable to attend those sessions. Making a video recording of Revelstoke’s Council proceedings available to the general public will go a long way toward ensuring that our community’s citizens can see what their elected representatives are up to. It will also help our local government achieve its stated goals of becoming more open and transparent.

Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month and video should be uploaded to the online newspaper’s video channel within 24 hours of each meeting. Notifications about each recording will be posted on the front page of The Current as soon as each video is uploaded to its YouTube channel.

The first video recording to uploaded to The Current’s YouTube channel will take place during Council’s Tuesday, July 8, meeting, which begins at 3 pm.